02. 05. 2016.

Review of the book

Unique: A New Breed by Reyna Pryde

Synopsis:  After five years in captivity as a blood slave to vampires, the girl named Jessica is no more. In her place stands a killer, driven by hate and seeking revenge for the scars she carries both inside and out. For nearly a decade she dedicated her life to ridding the world of the scourge known as vampires, placing her directly in the crosshairs of her enemy. Lilith, the Queen of Vampires, ordered her number-one assassin, Niten, to bring in the rogue vampire hunter, unharmed. With an offer from the queen, the hunter is given an opportunity to achieve the ultimate revenge on the vampire who destroyed her life. To do so, she will need to face her worst fears. As enemies become allies, she discovers that not all vampires are akin to the monsters from her past and Niten learns that there is nothing ordinary about this woman. She is completely... Unique. 


My review:  Unique: A New Breed is amazing book to read. The storyline is very original, and the characters were very likable. It's full of action , romance, humor,...

I loved basically everything about it! The main character (the heroine) is a strong, no nonsense, kick a$$ heroine, named Unique.

And the hero, Niten,... I don't think could be any hotter !!! 
Alpha male, strong, protective,  sexy,... you get the picture???

I definitely would recommend that you read this book if you like werewolves, vampires, paranormals, supernatural, hot, sexy , great story. Oh, you know what,...just read it. You'll not regret it. 
I read only this one book by this author but, definitely, it wouldn't be my last.
Can't wait for the book 2 to come out!  

5 out of 5 stars

About The Author: Reyna Pryde lives in Indianapolis, in the USA with her husband and her small Star Wars collection. She spends her days extensively researching all things Sci-fi, fantasy, and paranormal by way of television, reading, and web browsing; basically she watches way too much TV, reads too many books, and is addicted to the Internet.  

I received this book from The Author in exchange for an honest review!!!

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